Working as a Catechist helps me grow in my journey of faith. The lesson preparation time gives me the opportunity to reflect and develop a relationship with Jesus. Often it’s the children, through their enthusiasm, who minister me. (K.S.)

For more information on how to become a Catechist – please click on the following brochure:

Catechist Brochure

Who We Are

The Catechists of St Gertrude’s Parish are a group of 36 committed volunteers, who teach Catholic Scripture to Catholic students attending Public schools in the Smithfield and Fairfield West areas. We teach at:

  • Smithfield Primary School
  • Smithfield West Primary
  • Fairfield Heights Primary
  • Fairfield West Primary
  • Westfield’s High School

How we were established

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine( CCD) are an Ecclesiastical Organisation of the Archdiocese of Sydney. It was established in 1958 on the authority of the Archbishop of Sydney as an autonomous, non-profit organisation for the primary and principal purpose of providing religious education and Christian formation for Catholic Students in Public Schools.

The scripture teaching resources we use are published by the CCD.

Our Catechists are encouraged to attend Accredited Training and Faith formation workshops including Reflection Days, Lunch & Learns, Ministry Courses and Annual Area Masses. The workshops are a foundation not only for teaching but also deepening the Catechists’ spiritual and religious growth.

As Catechists we enjoy delivering God’s message and sharing our faith with the children and young adults.

As a catechist I never underestimate the work of the Holy Spirit. During one year I had a very difficult boy who resisted all my efforts of encouraging him. Towards the end of the year he asked why I keep returning to classes, he commented that all Catechists must be well paid. I explained that the Catechists were not paid and that we all came because we love him and all the other children and we want to help them. He was amazed and declared that no one had ever said that to him. (J.D.)

If you would like to share your faith and God’s love with the children and young adults please feel free to contact Mimi, Catechist Co-Ordinator, on 0409 928748 or (02) 9725 4317, or contact the the Parish Office.